The first Crochet Club project was launched in 2011 and the design was based on Art Deco themes, specifically the design of the original Wurlitzer juke boxes. The kit for this project is no longer available, but perhaps Jane will re visit this design theme in the future.

Testimonials below:

'I entered my 2011 crochet club wall hanging in our village show and I got the trophy for the best in show. I was totally overwhelmed as there were many village heavy weights and myself a mere outsider. Thank you for making this possible' - Mary

'Just thought i'd let you know that I entered the blanket in the crochet section of the local show and it won first place! I also won second in that and first and third in the knitting and first and second in the cross stitch. A friend keeps telling me there's a reason that 'Midsummer Murders' is set in a village and I should watch my back! Warm wishes' - Paula

'Wow! I have finished the project Thanks for a rewarding 6 months with a beautiful product at the end that I am really proud of. You have given me a lot of pleasure. Thanks for all your help and advice. The patterns were clear and easy to follow, the blogs contained lots of useful hints and advice and I feel that I have learnt a lot and really developed my skills in crochet over the last 6 months' - Linda

'I have loved this project and as a novice I am really pleased with the final product, it has pride of place on the sofa in my front room for everyone to see!' - Ros