Our Policy on Copyrighted Patterns



At the beginning of 2015 the EU made a ruling that VAT should be paid on digital products, including digital knit & crochet patterns. The introduction of VAT on such downloads had a massive effect on small design businesses like ours and many designers now provide their patterns as downloads via larger sites (such as Ravelry and Love Knitting for example) rather than via their own web sites. The larger sites take a percentage of the sales profit on each pattern, but also pay the VAT so that small companies do not need to make VAT payments. *


Whilst we are a VAT registered company we have decided not to go down the route of offering every pattern as a download only option. Our decision is based on 3 main factors as follows:


  • Download only options would create a large workload as we would need to have a paper trail for each sale and 2 proofs of address for each item sold outside of the EU.
  • We feel download only options make it far easier for copyright infringements to occur.
  • Our patterns have proved incredibly popular, so much so that we are now being asked to provide them at trade prices so that other retailers can sell them and gain yarn sales from them. We feel that we have an obligation to protect other stockists who support us by not offering a digital version on our web site as this could undermine their sales.


We put a lot of work into producing our patterns! The design process, pattern writing and checking, photography and layout can take many weeks, even months in some cases. Our patterns are skillfully photographed and laid out by a graphic designer and professionally printed and stapled as a brochure format. Our patterns are a quality product and we are very proud of them!


We know that many of our customers would love to have digital copies so that they can save them onto PCs, notebooks, tablets and mobile phones. Some of our newer patterns now have a code sticker on them so that customers can download a free copy of the pattern once they have received their paper copy. We do not have this available for all patterns yet, but we are working on it.



* Pattern sales outside of the EU are tax exempt so VAT regulations do not apply, however our current web site cannot differentiate between sales to EU and non EU countries so we have had to implement the same format for every sale. When we next update/change our web site we hope to accommodate this option. Currently larger web sites such as Ravelry do not sell by region/country so unfortunately this is also not an option at the moment.