Crochet Along style project

This week we have added the letter 'o' to the main word used to describe the design theme of the new CAL style project along with our last close up image taken from the blanket, which shows a little crochet butterfly. With just one letter left before the full reveal of the design inspiration next week we are sure that it doesn't take too much hard work to discover what the whole word is, but perhaps the inspiration that this word leads to can differ from country to country. We have previously talked about English artists, cottage gardens and areas of London in relation to this, so if you are unaware of the word as a connection to a place then you may need to do a little more research to guess the design inspiration.

We will be showcasing the design at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace next week and the kits, which include the yarn, the beads, the pattern book and a sew in label, will be added to the web site on a pre sale basis at the same time for estimated dispatch early November. We are releasing the kits in this way because we cannot predict how many of you would like to purchase the kit given that the pattern only option will be available later on and given the relatively high price point on this kit. We will be offering you the choice to pay in full or by 2 instalments.

Within the pattern book, which is included in the yarn kit, you will find written instructions for all the motifs used in the design alongside step by step images and written introductions to Jane's design inspiration. We will also be adding free technique documents to the web site for everyone to download (whether they are working on the project or not) and will hopefully also be adding some video tutorials for techniques used in the project. The pattern book has a suggested order of working, starting with the easy crochet pieces and working through to the harder motifs, so you can choose to work through the CAL style project at your own speed, perhaps tackling one set of motifs a month, every fortnight or every week depending on the speed at which you wish to work.