Addi Swing Crochet Hook Complete Sets


Ergonomic crochet hook sets of 11 or 13 with large handle ideal for crocheters with athritis or other joint problems

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Length 16cm
Material Aluminium Hook
Styles Ergonomic Handle
Hook/Needle Size From 2.00mm - 8.00mm
Quantity 11 or 13 Hooks

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We have the option of two sets; one includes 11 hooks size 2.00mm - 8.00mm, the other includes two additional hooks

See below for details

Set of 11 includes sizes

  • 2.00mm
  • 2.50mm
  • 3.00mm
  • 3.50mm
  • 4.00mm
  • 4.50mm
  • 5.00mm
  • 5.50mm
  • 6.00mm
  • 7.00mm
  • 8.00mm

The set of 13 includes all of the sizes above with the following extra 2 hooks included

  • 3.25mm
  • 3.75mm

Crochet hooks with large easy hold handle. Ideal for crocheters with arthritis or other joint problems.

These hooks are suitable for those who hold their crochet hooks like a pencil.

Colour coded handles and large print sizing makes it easy to select the correct size.

Set does not include a case

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